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Yes, Hemp is another eco-friendly product since it is a rapidly renewable crop and grows like weed. Hemp fibers are extremely strong and versatile and can be used in building materials in different forms.

A hemp farm

Hemp can be easily blended with organic cotton or silk and can offer great fabric option with slight luster and sheen. The finer fabrics can be used for drapery and upholstery. The thick and rough hemp fabric is good for wall paneling, office dividers, screens, headboards etc.

Hemp fabric is difficult to find at retail stores though. Distributors like Envirotextiles offer different varieties of hemp and also provide “cut and sew” option for custom orders. One of the online source to purchase hemp is

A major portion of industrial hemp is produced in China.  Earth Protex is a good source for information on hemp and their variety of bulk products.

This definitely is a great option for a low maintenance, durable and yet soft and chic touch in your new decor!


Hemp has been a controversial topic for many decades here in the US. Read this wordpress blog if interested: