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It depends on what you are using. The sheet Marmoleum will go fine on the uneven floor, since it is pretty much a monolithic surface. Linoleum easily adapts to the mounds and dips of the subfloor. The unevenness may be noticeable from a certain angle, against the light source if the sheet forms significant contours, though. The glued down tiles, being a thinner product will behave like the sheet as well.
If you are using Marmoleum Click also, it has been seen that slight variations in subfloor surface do not make much of a difference. You will install the panels and squares just as you would do otherwise. Make sure the joints are really tight. You may feel a slight “cushioning” when you walk on such uneven area in the beginning. Over time the Click panels and squares also adapt to the slight variations in the subfloor. The homeowners I talked to who had similar scenario, could not tell where the level difference was, a few days after the installation.
Like I said, this is really a “worry-free” product!