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I was looking at different options for our floors mainly because our son is allergic to dust, and certain chemicals, fumes emitted from products around the house. We had a good quality carpet with a good pad underneath, but even though I steam cleaned it often, I had a feeling that it was a habitat for dust mites. We knew we had to invest in better flooring. Having worked in the field of Green Architecture, I was well informed about the goodness of Linoleum as flooring material. Also, my favorite linoleum floor, Marmoleum Click had got the “Asthma and Allergy Friendly” certification recently. Check out “Forbo” to read more about it. So I knew what our choice for new floors was going to be!

I love the fact that it comes in so many different colors, and one can use his/her creativity to personalize each room.  To me, this is the added bonus.

When I clean around the house I know, ….I now can keep each and every corner of my home clean!