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Well, to tell you the truth….linoleum material as such is not as hard as say laminate. The manufacturers of Marmoleum Cilick have added this “Topshield” layer to protect it from bruises. I recommend it’s best to have felt pads underneath the heavy pieces of furniture.

I came across one instance where the linoleum panel got a pretty deep scratch from a nail. It was hard to get rid of it. They say try rubbing with non-abrasive pads, but that did not work.  There are some Linoleum floor finishes available in the market…these will make the mark less visible. Depending upon how deep the scratch goes into the material, the groove will still be noticeable from certain angle.  Also, the additional floor finishes will leave some kind of sheen on the floor. One should decide if they want a glossy look overall or matte finish, before they choose to apply such finishes.

These linoleum products that we are talking about either from Forbo or Armstrong or Eco-floors, are basically very tough for day to day wear and tear. They are very much worry-free floors!

They are excellent for families with kids, for anyone with allergies and for anyone like me who wants to spend less time cleaning and maitaining floors. The visual interest it offers is the added bonus!

Yes, THAT generation of linoleum is long gone. It has been rediscovered to be the best flooring material for the new era, though. It is now making a come back- big time!

Linoleum as a material was always known for easy-to-clean, no fuss, warm to touch, dust repellent, durable flooring option. What you may remember from your Grandma’s place was a monolithic sheet with fabric style print on it. The market was pretty much captured by the introduction of vinyl in mid-twentieth century.

But now the experts find the fumes emitted from the vinyl can be hazardous to health. It is not advisable to have a prolonged exposure to this material prominently in residences. And that is how Linoleum is back in the picture. Since Linoleum is made out of all natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour, rosin and jute fibers it contributes to better indoor air quality.

Also, Linoleum is very resilient to heavy household traffic. As the linseed oil cures, the material will actually harden over time. I am not surprised that this flooring material is again getting popular.

Currently, Armstrong, Forbo, and Ecofloors are the major manufacturers. You can get this in sheets, tiles or panels. Depending on the manufacturer, the product varies in colors. Don’t forget to check the links at the bottom of the page if you are interested.