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If we compare laminate to linoleum, it will be like comparing apples and oranges. Normally, people go for laminate floating floor system because it is easy to work with, the surface is harder, and it is an inexpensive option. It being a synthetic material, the touch and feel is nowhere close to natural material, though. The tactile feel of a laminate is quite artificial underfoot. Linoleum and laminate are both easy to maintain. But some people find the sound laminate makes, when one walks on it, quite annoying. The experts in the industry are researching to find out the level at which the VOCs*, emitted from adhesives used in laminate floors, are affecting the indoor air quality. With linoleum, especially Marmoleum from Forbo, that possibility has been eliminated. So, if you want to have “Healthy” floors for your home, linoleum is your option. Also, the design flexibility it offers is appealing to many people.

So, if you ask me, even if you have to put in more money at this point, it will go a long way. You will be happy you took the right decision even after so many years!

(*VOC- Volatile Organic Compounds.- Harmful chemicals emitted from certain building materials have found to be affecting the air quality in the environment.)