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Linoleum and Cork are both well known for their sound absorbing qualities. If you use linoleum sheets they will provide better sound reduction as compared to floating panel system. Same goes with Cork glue less plank system. Both linoleum and cork are naturally heat resistant, and hypoallergenic materials. Both of these resilient flooring products are warm to touch underfoot. Because of the strong heat barrier qualities of cork, though, it is not recommended over “in-floor radiant heating” system. Marmoleum Click, on the other hand, has been engineered to work well over in-floor radiant heating used in extreme climate conditions. Both materials are prone to scratches if not handled well. If moving furniture with sharp edges, it is recommended to have felt pads underneath.

Linoleum sheet, tiles and Cork tiles have been successfully installed in various building types, such as Commercial, Healthcare, Restaurants, retail, and Fitness. Visit this site to see some examples of Cork flooring:

Just like linoleum, cork is available in many different colors and sizes. One can achieve a personalized space by creating their own floor design unique to their taste.

Linoleum and Cork floors are both easy to install, easy to maintain and durable. The cork needs proper sealant though to be resistant to stains and is more susceptible to dents if a heavy piece of furniture stands on it for a long time. It is also recommended to avoid direct sunlight on your cork floors depending on the color pigments used in the product.

I would suggest, see some examples where they have installed cork and linoleum. Walk on those floors. The touch and feel and look of these materials are distinctly different. You really have to like the texture, pattern that cork comes with. Your floors are your major investments, and you do not want to regret your decision for any reason later on.

Good Luck!

As a general rule of thumb, any household spills on linoleum floor should be cleaned right away. Typically blotting with a paper towel and wiping with a mild cleaner should do the job. You should be careful with the cat urine, and do not let it sit there for long. Once turned alkaline, it tends to stain any floor.

The floating floor Marmoleum Click can be easily installed over an existing vinyl or old style linoleum floor. It is always a good idea to check if the existing floor is leveled, though. In fact in my home, I left the old vinyl in Master Bath just like it was because that forms an additional moisture barrier under the new floor. Since we had removed the carpet from adjacent Master Bed though, there was a slight level difference in the doorway between the two. I used a layer of underlayment in the Bed to make it at the same level as the Bath. This helped me in running the surround sound cables under floor too.

Get started soon so you can finish your project before Fall!

Well, to tell you the truth….linoleum material as such is not as hard as say laminate. The manufacturers of Marmoleum Cilick have added this “Topshield” layer to protect it from bruises. I recommend it’s best to have felt pads underneath the heavy pieces of furniture.

I came across one instance where the linoleum panel got a pretty deep scratch from a nail. It was hard to get rid of it. They say try rubbing with non-abrasive pads, but that did not work.  There are some Linoleum floor finishes available in the market…these will make the mark less visible. Depending upon how deep the scratch goes into the material, the groove will still be noticeable from certain angle.  Also, the additional floor finishes will leave some kind of sheen on the floor. One should decide if they want a glossy look overall or matte finish, before they choose to apply such finishes.

These linoleum products that we are talking about either from Forbo or Armstrong or Eco-floors, are basically very tough for day to day wear and tear. They are very much worry-free floors!

They are excellent for families with kids, for anyone with allergies and for anyone like me who wants to spend less time cleaning and maitaining floors. The visual interest it offers is the added bonus!

People often get confused about this. If you go to home improvement giant stores to look at some Linoleum samples, you are in the wrong place. The salesperson there will show you the isle full of vinyl sheet rolls. I feel the need to educate people as to what exactly is Linoleum. Here is my favorite blog that talks about this:’s-not-old-school-anymore/

I have found, even if many flooring dealers carry Marmoleum, they are not completely familiar with the product. The information I received from one salesperson was totally misleading. I suggest you do your homework, read reviews online before making any decision.

I just love Linoleum for a flooring material, and I think if you are thinking of replacing your floors, you should definitely consider this as one of the options. You don’t have to take my word for it:

To get more information on sheets of linoleum, you might want to check this out:

This designer is from UK. Since Forbo is based in Germany, Marmoleum is popular all over Europe too.

I should stop here for now…!

Yes, THAT generation of linoleum is long gone. It has been rediscovered to be the best flooring material for the new era, though. It is now making a come back- big time!

Linoleum as a material was always known for easy-to-clean, no fuss, warm to touch, dust repellent, durable flooring option. What you may remember from your Grandma’s place was a monolithic sheet with fabric style print on it. The market was pretty much captured by the introduction of vinyl in mid-twentieth century.

But now the experts find the fumes emitted from the vinyl can be hazardous to health. It is not advisable to have a prolonged exposure to this material prominently in residences. And that is how Linoleum is back in the picture. Since Linoleum is made out of all natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour, rosin and jute fibers it contributes to better indoor air quality.

Also, Linoleum is very resilient to heavy household traffic. As the linseed oil cures, the material will actually harden over time. I am not surprised that this flooring material is again getting popular.

Currently, Armstrong, Forbo, and Ecofloors are the major manufacturers. You can get this in sheets, tiles or panels. Depending on the manufacturer, the product varies in colors. Don’t forget to check the links at the bottom of the page if you are interested.

If you have seen the range of different color options available in product like Marmoleum Click, it is very likely that you got intimidated with the variety. At first, even I had a hard time deciding which colors I wanted to pick for which room and all.

The key is to look for one base color that will go well with both warm and cool color palettes. Here is what I did:

Mbath cropped

I picked vibrant colors to go with bathroom cabinets.

I picked Van Gogh as one base color that flows in the whole house. Each room may have a warm color scheme like in this Master Bath photo or

guest cropped

A simpler design for a Guest Bed

cool colors like this one in one of the rooms. Please note the light quality is causing different hues of Van Gogh in different rooms.

One can use the squares to make such patterns or mix them with panels to make a rug like effect:

Bed1 cropped

Make sure the colors you pick, go well with the walls, and other decor.

I love the way each room has its own character. I let the kids and my husband pick the colors to go with the decor of the room, and I am glad to see everyone happy with the results!

Have fun with the design process for your new floors….

Hi! I am a Interior Designer, LEED AP in SF Bay area. As an eco-conscious member of the community, would like to share some knowledge with you all.

Have you heard about new Linoleum flooring material? Old-world linoleum sheet floors from 19th century are pretty much gone now. This is a new generation of sustainable, all natural Linoleum flooring material. It comes in sheets, tiles or click panel system.

Made by different manufacturers, this fantastic floor material comes in different vibrant and not-so-vibrant colors.

As a designer, I have fun playing with different shapes and colors for floor!