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Cork floor in general is a porous product and so will absorb the spills if not wiped off right away. Wicanders 1000 and 2000 series, which is primarily used in commercial high traffic areas, comes with High Performance Surface. You probably have a series 100 WRT product in your home. Use only the mild cleaners recommended by the manufacturer, for example, Xtreme Natural Cleaner or Wicanders Soft Cleaner. You can find these at a floor outlet. Use a sponge or soft scrubbing pad if you have to, else you will damage your floors parmanantly.

Elegant custom floor using two colors by Wicanders cork.

Even if cork floors have a tendency to stain and dent, I like Wicanders products. They are extremely comfortable since they are warmer to touch, absorb sound and due to their porous nature provide the cushioning effect. This is really a “green” product since it is made of a rapidly renewable raw material. Wicanders is actually a domestically manufactured product, since it is cut, stained, beveled, packeged locally in the US minimizing the adverse effects of transportation.

Wicanders claims their floating floor Cork Planks absorb CO2 reversing the effect of emission. These products come in variety of colors and provide a possibility to customize your own floors. Check this out for their product range:

We discussed about some design tips for Marmoleum floor patterns in an earlier post. People do find it intimidating when it comes to so many colors and design possibilities.

Marmoleum Click for residential applications

Marmoleum Click for residential applications

Some homeowners like to go with checker board pattern just because it is an easy solution. But to my mind, your pattern does not have to be so typical and so obvious. Now that you decided to go with Marmoleum Click for your new floors, make sure you get the most for your money. You really have so many options to add that visual impact to your room. Spend some time to figure out your unique design now. You will cherish your new floors for years to come.

Sahara, Van Gogh, and Barbados from Marmoleum Click series

Sahara, Van Gogh, and Barbados from Marmoleum Click series

See if you would like to go with a little bit of abstract design. Add a bright accent color in to couple of coordinating colors, and play with them! Depending on how big your space is, you may have a module of 4 or 9 or 16 tiles and repeat it.

Using a border around the perimeter or say, kitchen island, also is a simple way to add character.

Various borders are available from Forbo

Various borders are available from Forbo

If you are designing kids’ rooms, involve them in picking colors. A simple pattern like this is enough to create visual interest.

accent color to add that character

accent color to add that character

A rug like look may work good in any bedroom.

I don't need an area rug for 10 months of the year, really!

I don't need an area rug for 10 months of the year, really!

Make sure you try to stagger the joints if you are using panels. With the revised Click II system, the length of a panel now equals to 3 square tiles. It may be hard to calculate the quantities for each color if your pattern is too complicated. Why not hire the professional instead! At LFD we are experts at space design, material estimation, and installation. Whether it is just new floors or you need a holistic design upgrade, talk to us and we would be happy to assist you.

Designing your own personalized floors is the most exciting part of replacing your floors with a product like Marmoleum Click.

While designing your new floors, take into consideration the utility factor of the room – if it is a kids’ room or a adult’s bedroom, overall size of the room. If it is a huge space you may want to break it visually in 2 areas, for example Living and Dining, or Living and Family or Media room. You can achieve this either by changing the colors or the pattern design. Think about the natural light source in the room, the direction of the traffic – circulation paths. Consider the style of existing furniture in the room. What kind of ambiance you want to achieve. You don’t want to end up with hodgepodge mix of too many styles. Also, it is a good idea to stick to 3 or 4 colors in the room at the most. The overall effect should be soothing to the eyes, and not a jumble of conflicting hues.

Remember, as a rule of thumb it is best to stagger the joints while using panels. Make sure your design pattern allows this staggering. With some designs it may not be possible to achieve this, though. For example, while using all 1’x1′ squares, you obviously have continuous joints. This is something an expert will help you with.

Think of what kind of sub floor you have, check if it is fairly leveled, and go for the floors of your dreams!

P.S.  Non-residential applications is a different ball game.

It depends on what you are using. The sheet Marmoleum will go fine on the uneven floor, since it is pretty much a monolithic surface. Linoleum easily adapts to the mounds and dips of the subfloor. The unevenness may be noticeable from a certain angle, against the light source if the sheet forms significant contours, though. The glued down tiles, being a thinner product will behave like the sheet as well.
If you are using Marmoleum Click also, it has been seen that slight variations in subfloor surface do not make much of a difference. You will install the panels and squares just as you would do otherwise. Make sure the joints are really tight. You may feel a slight “cushioning” when you walk on such uneven area in the beginning. Over time the Click panels and squares also adapt to the slight variations in the subfloor. The homeowners I talked to who had similar scenario, could not tell where the level difference was, a few days after the installation.
Like I said, this is really a “worry-free” product!

Well, to tell you the truth….linoleum material as such is not as hard as say laminate. The manufacturers of Marmoleum Cilick have added this “Topshield” layer to protect it from bruises. I recommend it’s best to have felt pads underneath the heavy pieces of furniture.

I came across one instance where the linoleum panel got a pretty deep scratch from a nail. It was hard to get rid of it. They say try rubbing with non-abrasive pads, but that did not work.  There are some Linoleum floor finishes available in the market…these will make the mark less visible. Depending upon how deep the scratch goes into the material, the groove will still be noticeable from certain angle.  Also, the additional floor finishes will leave some kind of sheen on the floor. One should decide if they want a glossy look overall or matte finish, before they choose to apply such finishes.

These linoleum products that we are talking about either from Forbo or Armstrong or Eco-floors, are basically very tough for day to day wear and tear. They are very much worry-free floors!

They are excellent for families with kids, for anyone with allergies and for anyone like me who wants to spend less time cleaning and maitaining floors. The visual interest it offers is the added bonus!

People often get confused about this. If you go to home improvement giant stores to look at some Linoleum samples, you are in the wrong place. The salesperson there will show you the isle full of vinyl sheet rolls. I feel the need to educate people as to what exactly is Linoleum. Here is my favorite blog that talks about this:’s-not-old-school-anymore/

I have found, even if many flooring dealers carry Marmoleum, they are not completely familiar with the product. The information I received from one salesperson was totally misleading. I suggest you do your homework, read reviews online before making any decision.

I just love Linoleum for a flooring material, and I think if you are thinking of replacing your floors, you should definitely consider this as one of the options. You don’t have to take my word for it:

To get more information on sheets of linoleum, you might want to check this out:

This designer is from UK. Since Forbo is based in Germany, Marmoleum is popular all over Europe too.

I should stop here for now…!

If you have seen the range of different color options available in product like Marmoleum Click, it is very likely that you got intimidated with the variety. At first, even I had a hard time deciding which colors I wanted to pick for which room and all.

The key is to look for one base color that will go well with both warm and cool color palettes. Here is what I did:

Mbath cropped

I picked vibrant colors to go with bathroom cabinets.

I picked Van Gogh as one base color that flows in the whole house. Each room may have a warm color scheme like in this Master Bath photo or

guest cropped

A simpler design for a Guest Bed

cool colors like this one in one of the rooms. Please note the light quality is causing different hues of Van Gogh in different rooms.

One can use the squares to make such patterns or mix them with panels to make a rug like effect:

Bed1 cropped

Make sure the colors you pick, go well with the walls, and other decor.

I love the way each room has its own character. I let the kids and my husband pick the colors to go with the decor of the room, and I am glad to see everyone happy with the results!

Have fun with the design process for your new floors….

I was looking at different options for our floors mainly because our son is allergic to dust, and certain chemicals, fumes emitted from products around the house. We had a good quality carpet with a good pad underneath, but even though I steam cleaned it often, I had a feeling that it was a habitat for dust mites. We knew we had to invest in better flooring. Having worked in the field of Green Architecture, I was well informed about the goodness of Linoleum as flooring material. Also, my favorite linoleum floor, Marmoleum Click had got the “Asthma and Allergy Friendly” certification recently. Check out “Forbo” to read more about it. So I knew what our choice for new floors was going to be!

I love the fact that it comes in so many different colors, and one can use his/her creativity to personalize each room.  To me, this is the added bonus.

When I clean around the house I know, ….I now can keep each and every corner of my home clean!

I get that question a lot.

Actually, one can use linoleum in all parts of the house. Living room, Family room, Play rooms, Kitchen, Laundry, and even in Bathrooms.

The material linoleum, by nature is dust repellent, and so is best in kids’ rooms or pretty much all over for anyone with allergies.

I have experienced how a well designed floor makes a significant impact on the aesthetic part of the room.

Here is a photo of my Breakfast nook area:

I love how the cabinet and floor colors go so well together!

I love how the cabinet and floor colors go so well together!

Here I have used 3 different color squares to make a pattern.

I have used Van Gogh, Sahara, and Barbados from Marmoleum Click system. I chose these colors because they go well with my Cinnamon Maple cabinetry and Breakfast table.

The best part I like about this material is it is so easy to maintain. Just Swiffer once a week, and use wet mop whenever you think it is dirty.

Here is one more picture of the Guest Bed:

Guest Bed

A combination of Marmoleum Click squares and panels used here.

Upstairs in our bedrooms I used 2 colors.

Van Gogh that flows all around, and one more color to add that punch. In this room I used Eucalyptus squares. Just a simple design like this brings the special character to the room.

If you are looking for some change in your home, whether you are feeling responsible for the environment or not, you might want to give Linoleum a thought. I know many happy homeowners, who are glad they did!