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If you have seen the range of different color options available in product like Marmoleum Click, it is very likely that you got intimidated with the variety. At first, even I had a hard time deciding which colors I wanted to pick for which room and all.

The key is to look for one base color that will go well with both warm and cool color palettes. Here is what I did:

Mbath cropped

I picked vibrant colors to go with bathroom cabinets.

I picked Van Gogh as one base color that flows in the whole house. Each room may have a warm color scheme like in this Master Bath photo or

guest cropped

A simpler design for a Guest Bed

cool colors like this one in one of the rooms. Please note the light quality is causing different hues of Van Gogh in different rooms.

One can use the squares to make such patterns or mix them with panels to make a rug like effect:

Bed1 cropped

Make sure the colors you pick, go well with the walls, and other decor.

I love the way each room has its own character. I let the kids and my husband pick the colors to go with the decor of the room, and I am glad to see everyone happy with the results!

Have fun with the design process for your new floors….