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We have been talking about linoleum, but Bamboo is also another eco-friendly product for flooring. Strand woven bamboo floor especially, is a high density flooring material and is great for day-to-day wear. If you are looking for easy to clean, elegant, hardwood style floor then Strand woven bamboo is your option. Make sure you buy a genuine product from a well established branded company, to avoid any disappointments later on.

Refer to Durodesign website for more information:

Here is my favorite blog entry:

Like many other building materials, Bamboo has some drawbacks. In general, Bamboo is a softer material.  It does tend to dent if you drop a heavy pot on it or something. You also have to be careful while moving furniture and such. Bamboo is bad with stains if the flooring is not sealed properly. Also, depending on the product you choose, the color may fade over time with exposure to sunlight. Here is a link you may find informative:

I would suggest, do your homework, see what really appeals to you before making such a big investment. For things to consider before buying Bamboo, go to: