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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Love for your home and the family…!!

If you do your homework, choose the right materials for your remodel, it shows how much you care for your home and the comfort of those living in it.

While remodeling, you not only pay attention to how well you dress up the walls, how your decor looks, but you have to think of the materials that go inside the walls too. Insulstar Plus is one such great “green” product that offers excellent insulation, and thermal barrier. To seal your home from air drafts, and to make your home energy- efficient  you need to invest in a good SPF product like Insulstar.

It is a spray-in-place polyurethane foam insulation which is high in R-value and contains renewable agricultural products made from sugar cane, sugar beets and corn.

InsulStar is formulated with an environmentally-friendly blowing agent that doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion. The liquid mixture expands quickly foaming up to fill all gaps and voids in your home’s exterior walls, ceilings, roofs floors or crawl spaces. It cures to form a fully adhered, solid, monolithic micro-cellular insulation envelope.

You’ll also have a healthier home for your family because InsulStar Plus blocks air movement and has a low permience, which eliminates water condensation which can support mold and mildew. Plus, InsulStar is blended with an anti-microbial, contributing to your home’s healthy environment.

InsulBloc is a special SPF product for CMU and brick walls application ideal for masonry buildings in educational insttutions.

NCFI has been around for a long time, and their foam products have been used in upholstered furniture, memory-foam sleep systems, under carpet cushioning pads, and many such consumer products.

NCFI has other specialty insulation products like ThermalStop, which is good for advanced commercial purposes and AgriThane which is ideal for specific use buildings like dairy coolers, and similar agricultural facilities.

Energy efficiency has been a buzz word these days. Plan ahead, enjoy comfort in your home for lesser money, and increase the re-sale value too!