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Ionique is a glue down resilient flooring product from Zaxxon. This is really a one of a kind flooring material which actually helps clean the indoor air! The vinyl composition used in this material keeps releasing negative ions in the air thereby reducing the pollutants and V.O.C.*s present in the room.

Various scientific studies have shown medical benefits of negative ions on humans, animals and their behavior. Naturally there are tens of thousands of negative ions present in an open air location, say in a park, with lot of foliage and good air flow. This product, “Ionique”, is said to release up to 140 negative ions per cc per 20 seconds and helps to improve the indoor environmental quality.

Please see this page for more information:


Green pledge by Zaxxon

This is a 100% recyclable product and so falls in a “Green” category. Ionique is available in 2 styles, stone and wood. The stone tiles are 18″x18″ and come in many varieties of natural stone look. The wood planks are 4″x36″ in size and come in different wood grains too. This product can be installed on concrete or wood sub floor. This works well with radiant heating sub floors as well. Give some time for the adhesive to set in after installation. It is not recommended to walk on it for about 6 hours, and give it about 12 hours after installation before you move the furniture.

Flooring to improve indoor environmental quality!

The manufacturer Zaxxon provides 10 years limited warranty when installed and used as per company recommendations.

The product costs about $6-$7 per sq. ft. and is available at major floor stores. Check the lead time with the dealer before you plan the installation. Refer to this page for installation help:

Like they say, this is truly an “actively environmental” flooring product! At LFD, we use many such products for residential and commercial applications.

*V.O.C. – Volatile Organic Compounds

P.S. The benefits of negative ions has been a subject of debate for last so many decades. This has been a controversial topic around the world.

Designing your own personalized floors is the most exciting part of replacing your floors with a product like Marmoleum Click.

While designing your new floors, take into consideration the utility factor of the room – if it is a kids’ room or a adult’s bedroom, overall size of the room. If it is a huge space you may want to break it visually in 2 areas, for example Living and Dining, or Living and Family or Media room. You can achieve this either by changing the colors or the pattern design. Think about the natural light source in the room, the direction of the traffic – circulation paths. Consider the style of existing furniture in the room. What kind of ambiance you want to achieve. You don’t want to end up with hodgepodge mix of too many styles. Also, it is a good idea to stick to 3 or 4 colors in the room at the most. The overall effect should be soothing to the eyes, and not a jumble of conflicting hues.

Remember, as a rule of thumb it is best to stagger the joints while using panels. Make sure your design pattern allows this staggering. With some designs it may not be possible to achieve this, though. For example, while using all 1’x1′ squares, you obviously have continuous joints. This is something an expert will help you with.

Think of what kind of sub floor you have, check if it is fairly leveled, and go for the floors of your dreams!

P.S.  Non-residential applications is a different ball game.