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Cork floor in general is a porous product and so will absorb the spills if not wiped off right away. Wicanders 1000 and 2000 series, which is primarily used in commercial high traffic areas, comes with High Performance Surface. You probably have a series 100 WRT product in your home. Use only the mild cleaners recommended by the manufacturer, for example, Xtreme Natural Cleaner or Wicanders Soft Cleaner. You can find these at a floor outlet. Use a sponge or soft scrubbing pad if you have to, else you will damage your floors parmanantly.

Elegant custom floor using two colors by Wicanders cork.

Even if cork floors have a tendency to stain and dent, I like Wicanders products. They are extremely comfortable since they are warmer to touch, absorb sound and due to their porous nature provide the cushioning effect. This is really a “green” product since it is made of a rapidly renewable raw material. Wicanders is actually a domestically manufactured product, since it is cut, stained, beveled, packeged locally in the US minimizing the adverse effects of transportation.

Wicanders claims their floating floor Cork Planks absorb CO2 reversing the effect of emission. These products come in variety of colors and provide a possibility to customize your own floors. Check this out for their product range: