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Ultra Touch is a very good product range by Bonded Logic. Ultra Touch Cotton is a green product and contains at least 85% recycled denim and cotton fibers. If you want to use it as a vapor barrier though, you need to apply a poly sheeting along the face of the wall. Actually, this product “breathes” and is fairly good with low moisture. It contains active mold, pest and mildew inhibitors.

Ultra Touch Cotton- no VOC concerns

I would recommend to go with Ultra Touch Radiant Barrier for protection against vapor, moisture, heat or sound. Both these products have class A rating for fire resistance and do not contain any formaldehyde or harmful irritants.

Ultra Touch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier

This product range (including Ultra Touch Cellulose and Radiant Barrier) are easy to handle and do not itch. These can be easily cut with utility knife and are very good for D-I-Y projects. Ultra Touch Cellulose is an excellent choice if you are looking to lower your electricity bills by adding a layer to your existing attic insulation.

Attic insulation- Use as needed

Safe for you and the environment!

Good Luck with your new ventures in year 2010!