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suspended ceiling feature

Yes, 3form has come up with revolutionary panel system that is both aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly. These architectural panels or sheets can be used on walls, for stair rails, shower surrounds, elevator cabs, and in so many innovative ways.  3form recently developed a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic surface solution, which is actually made out of old detergent bottles. This hard surface product line called “100 percent” can be used for office desks, restaurant tabletops,  lab counters, and more.

As diverse as your imagination!

I especially love their Varia Ecoresin product line. This contains 40% pre-consumer recycled resin and really has endless design potential. You can actually pick a color, texture, and pattern, add a interlayer of your choice and have a custom panel made with the right finish, unique to your project.  These panels can be in the range of 1/16″ to 1″ gauge. Your application pretty much determines how thick a panel you can have. 3form provides excellent tech support.  Their experts work with designers, help them identify the right product for their particular project, even draw 3D models showing hardware and fabrication details. I have seen these used as suspended ceiling accents, custom lamp shades, back splash or dividers in office cubicles.. or just as a accent panel on a wall. These come in such vibrant translucent colors and textures that even if you have a small area of Ecoresin in your decor, it is enough to make a statement. They also have a range of pre-priced surface solutions complete with custom hardware, so you can see what fits in your budget.


Wagner introduced Ecoresin as the infill panel in their Wagnerails.

I think I will redo my shower..

This is what I call, high design aesthetics with low impact on the environment!