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Yes! This is another sustainable flooring option that I would recommend. If a client insists on having a carpet, in say a bedroom, I suggest to go with Flor carpet tiles. These are easy to work with as compared to traditional carpet, and provide design flexibility with lots of colors and pattern choices. These tiles are made out of renewable and recyclable material, so manufacturing of this product has lesser impact on the environment.  One can do a custom design rug or have a wall to wall carpet for a cozy feeling.

A 26 tile rug kit

The tiles are easily installed, attached to each other using the non-toxic adhesive “dots” and is very much a Do-it-Yourselfers’ product. At the perimeter of the room, the edges can be trimmed using a rug knife. A notch can be made with little skill to fit the carpet tile around a door frame. The best part I like about this is there is very little wastage.  You can order just enough tiles as per your square foot requirement, even use the Design Tool from Flor website so you can not go wrong! Also, if your kid happens to stain the floor, you can just remove the damaged tile, send it to the cleaner or replace just that one tile with the new one.

Flor has been a pioneer in providing a Recycle your old Carpet program, where you can call their customer service and they will suggest ways to reuse or send the carpet tiles back to them, which is recycled to manufacture new tiles.

Martha Stewart has endorsed this product and introduced new designs for Fall.


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