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If you are thinking of Marmoleum sheet or glued down tiles it’s a different story. We will discuss that in my next post. Installing Marmoleum Click, though, can be a “Do-it-yourself” project if you are comfortable with using a saw. The Click  has a very convenient tongue and groove style interlocking system. If you are familiar with laminate planks that go together, this is a very similar design with even better snapping capabilities. If done right it is hard to tell where the joints are if the floor is all one color!

The perimeter of the room, and the edges near door frames etc. is where you need to use the saw. The detailed instructions can be found here:

If installing on concrete sub floor, it is advisable to have a vapor barrier sheet underneath. If your sub floor is plywood, and is fairly leveled, you can install linoleum flooring right on top. No underlayment required. Make sure your sub floor does not have visible dips or such. In my house I actually used cardboard to level some uneven areas.

If you want to run your media or sound cables underneath, it is also a good idea to use some kind of underlayment to make space for those wires running under the floor.

Good Luck and Have fun!


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